Alberto Alessandro Kathleen team

A history, a passion

Impresa Edile Allegrezza Giulietti Alberto was founded in 1969 Its speciality was reinforced concrete. After a few years we changed product as the buildings in reinforced concrete did not convey a feeling of liveliness, of cosiness and most of all it could not blend with our beautiful area, Marche. These are instead the features characterising a building restored with traditional techniques. All our buildings, be them new or restored, are made with criteria and materials used in the past. We so always achieve a great harmony with the surrounding landscape.

We daily work according to three main values: communication with the client, mutual respect and trust. Any possible difficulty is so easily tackled and overcome.

We have been dedicating to the Company our time, our energy and our passion for 40 years. Our ambition for the future is to refine and broaden our technical experience. We want to obtain a product that excites in the people the same feeling that arose in us when making it.